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Get longer battery life with Artex 345 ELT’s

Our August product of the month is Artex 345 ELT’s. We have the kits in stock in our online store, which include the antenna, mounting bracket, and remote switch.

The ARTEX ELT 345 transmits on 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz frequencies while providing positon accuracy thanks to the built-in GPS navigational interface. GPS data is embedded within the first emergency transmission and provides Search and Rescue personnel with the aircraft location, within 100 meters, in less than a minute.

These ELTs are sturdier than most and have a 7 year battery life (most have 5).

Artex 345 Elt Kit

The new ARTEX ELT 345 is built to the industry’s most stringent quality management standards.

Artex 345 ELTs