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“Fast Boot Style” PSA deice boots – free ground shipping

Glue on and be ready to fly in one hour.

Ice Shield PSA™ are new pressure sensitive deice boots that allow for fast application so that you can get back in the air quickly.

PSA stands for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which is the key to speeding up the installation process for deice boots.

Each set of Ice Shield PSA boots is accompanied with an installation kit, which includes:

  • Primer (HAZMAT)
  • SMRA56B conductive cement (HAZMAT)
  • 1″ Natural Bristle Brush
  • 3″ Foam Brush
  • A Swab Applicator

Sky Airparts markets Ice Shield products and we have expertise to help you choose the right deice boots for your needs.

The manufacturer is in West Virginia. All boot orders are shipped Free UPS Ground inside the USA.

If you’re not sure what you need, give us a call at 1-888-823-0337. We’re happy to help!

Ice Shield PSA